Thursday, 2 June 2011

About me

I am Shruthi, a passionate musician and a Veena player currently pursuing musical dreams after quitting my 5 years of IT profession life as Technology Analyst for my passion in music.

I started learning veena at the tender age of 3 under the tutelage of my mother, Vidushi Lalitha and was later groomed by a renowned Veena exponent, Vidushi T.Sharadha, Retired Professor of Music, Bangalore. At the age of 4 in 1988, I rendered my maiden performance in a prestigious program for children in Doordarshan. Along with this, I also performed for AIR, Bangalore. Since then, I have been performing in various music sabhas and fusion music concerts in various parts of Karnataka. On an invitation from Kannada Culture Dept, I gave a scintillating performance in Dharwad on the occasion of ‘Children Music Festival’ in 1996. Two years later, in 1988, I accompanied in the released audio ‘PANCHA VEENA”. Later, I performed in various Kannada TV channels.

I also accompanied as a lead veena artist in the music DVD, “Shri Chakra Darshana” in 2009, a two-hour documentary on Muthuswamy Dikshitar’s kritis.
Recently, I have rendered for “Atmashrama”, a spiritual based org and various albums, theme music, documentaries, ad’s as Veena and vocal artist, also providing assistance in compositions.

Currently, I’m teaching veena and also part of the Faculty in “StepsFeelyourdance” an institute for music and dance. If you are interested in Veena concerts OR interested in learning or need veena accompaniment or music, kindly reach me at .


   Secured 3rd Rank for the state in Junior Music Exam (Instrumental - Veena), conducted by KSEEB , Bangalore, during the year 1996
    Secured 1st Rank for the state in Senior Music Exam (Instrumental – Veena) , conducted by KSEEB , Bangalore, during the year 1998
   Recognized by Infosys, Bangalore for the contributions as one of the core members of Xprescions.


   Malleshwaram Sangeetha Sabha, Bangalore
   Gayana Samaja, Bangalore
   Yuvaranga Cultural Association
   Thyagarajaswami Bhajana Sabha, Bangalore
   Sri Jayendra Lalitha Kala Academy, Bangalore
   Chintanapalli Ananthashastri Memorial Cultural Association
   Indian Music of Arts & Culture, Bangalore
   Pratibha Kala Mandira
   Nada Sudha, Bangalore
   Rotary Club, Bangalore
   Prakruthi, Cubbon park band stand, Bangalore
   Bharatiya Vidya Bhavana, Bangalore
   Regional Institute of Co-operative Management, Bangalore